[~VE~] The Vilani Empire
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Earthsphere Alliance



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November 26th, 2006


The Vilani Empire was formed on the second day of Beta by its first Guildmaster Emperor Lucan. The guild today is lead by then Prime Minister Earthsphere Alliance. The guild, along with Mordor is the only Beta guild to almost completely do away with pacts (except NAPs).

The guild is build on the four pillars of the Empire. Honour, Respect, Loyalty and Unity.

Early HistoryEdit

In its early days ~VE~ was a founding member of the CABAL whom fought in the CABAL wars against BORG. This war was lost and the empire forced into a humiliating defeat. Following this the CABAL Brotherhood was formed from several of the remaining members of the old CABAL for personal defence and protection. Two more wars were fought with BORG before the end of the CABAL Wars.

Recent HistoryEdit

More recently the Vilani Empire exited the CABAL and has fought in wars against BLG. BLUE and the Goonion. The later of these was along side long term allies Lion and the Star Alliance. Most recently the Empires training guild AoV has been set to be disbanded following Cubs, Lions old training guilds entry into the Empire.

Currently ~VE~ finds itself once again at war with the GOONion, this time fighting beside RAGE, MORDOR and many others aligned against the GOONion.

Vilani had signed a ceasefire to pull out of the Goonion/RAGE Beta war, and has since been in peace. Not long thereafter, Emperor Darksoul agreed to a friendly war with Shadow Warriors [S-W]. The war was interrupted by [¤K¤], or Kaltor. (Later renamed to Of_BORG Tag: [BORG] )

From roughly November 16th, 2008, the Vilani Empire, and it's training guild Cubs, merged with the 13th WolfGuard, and it's training guild 12th Wolverines. The Vilani Empire then was renamed 13th Vilani Empire with the tag [~13VE] Cub's tag has remaind the same, as well as their name.


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