Titan perspective
Product Information
Length6,491 meters
Technical Specifications
ArmamentItem disruptor
Research Required
Warp Drive14

Good Against: FightersBombers, Heavy BombersCorvettesDestroyersFrigatesCruisersLeviathans, and Death Stars

Bad Against: Ion BombersIon FrigatesHeavy Cruisers, Battleships, and Dreadnoughts

Why use them? Use them in a group with some Fighters escorting to shield-rape Cruiser fleets. Beware of larger amounts of any unit in the fleet as Titans are still rather fragile at the shield-raping business. Traditionally, these are only built in the early states of a server or if a player wishes to perma-farm someone. However, due to recent development changes resulting in an increase in speed and firepower, these units are increasing in popularity. They are the most powerful unit available to a player under level 30.

Advanced tactics:Edit

Titans can decisively shield-rape Cruisers and lower. They are useful in this role and for occupying United Colony bases. They can be used for permanently occupying players, but any decent player can break such an occupation with about 100-150 Heavy Cruisers (less if they have Command Centers) or a few thousand Ion Bombers.

Titans are very vulnerable to Heavy Cruisers, to ion units, and to Fighters in large numbers. They are also vulnerable to Battleships, which are present in many combat fleets. They are also very slow. Because of these drawbacks, they are not used in large numbers (as a stack) in combat fleets.

Some players use these as part of a "shield-raping squad" to nail Fighters, Frigates, or Cruisers. Very often, Titans are stacked together with Leviathans, due to Titans offering a much better power and armour per credit spent ratio than Leviathans and still being able to shield-rape Cruiser fleets - the most common fleet in Astro Empires. Large stacks of Titans by themselves are very rare, and Titans are not currently popular in combat fleets, due to their not getting the 5% bonus like Leviathans and only being marginally faster than Leviathans.

  • (x) in Shipyard indicates the number of Orbital Shipyards required.
  • Due to the tech level needed to build these units, their stats are more correctly Power: 4550, Armor: 4300.8, Shield 51.




Fighter Bomber Heavy Bomber Ion Bomber
Outpost Ship Scout Ship Corvette Recycler
Frigate Ion Frigate Destroyer Cruiser
Carrier Heavy Cruiser Fleet Carrier Battleship
Dreadnought Titan Leviathan
Death Star