The Ultramarines are a younger war-guild in the Alphaverse, headed by a team of Forge Commanders and the Guild Master, Sazuku.

Currently the guild is building both in numbers and fleet, in order to break the top 50.


The Ultramarines original statement for recruitment, sums up the expectations of their new members and goals of members rather well:

A younger guild is gaining in the ranks, meet the Ultramarines:

We have some experienced players, and some newer players. All around a good group of players. The atmosphere is relatively lax with an emphasis on being the best that you can be. Our expectations are simple:

  • Grow
  • Fight
  • Listen
  • Learn

Those who can follow will learn and grow. Those who are higher in the ranks will lead!

Current players live through-out the alpha-verse, with good presence in A20, A45 and A50. We are growing and expanding, so feel free to live anywhere you choose, we will still protect the new!

Requirements: 1 week old Willing to be better than Lelou©h R2 at all aspects of the game.


So far the Ultramarines are relatively inexperienced as a whole. The first and last war fought by the Ultramarines proved that if nothing else, a new guild could do far worse.

Ultramarines VS VIR Edit

War declaration was made on November 12,2008 on the forums. The statement went as follows:

We was made to be the finest warriors
Like clay we was forge in the furnace of war
We were bless with the mightest guns
We shall be untouchable by plague,disease and sickness
We are the bullwark aginst the terror.
We are the defenders of humanity
And we shall destroy the threat to humanity The BrotherHood
They come for our blood, but will drown in their own
We the Ultramarines declare war on The BrotherHood
And we shall know no fear

We the Ultramarines declare war on The BrotherHood

VIR reacts Edit

Initially VIR reacted by declaring the conflict unfair, and pleaded with the Ultramarines to withdraw. The Ultramarines responded by declaring it a friendly war, and that it would not pillage routes and the like. This did not hold long, as soon VIR made its first set of pillages.

During the initial CF, or NAP a member of VIR hit an Ultramarines trade route, causing the Ultramarines to lose their MDP with AO.

Action ReportEdit

[(۞)] Lelou©h, now Sazuku mounted a large mobile, and was able to shield rape lower players with his titans and Levis, while also sacrificing large portions of his fleet. In a Attacker: 1039840 ; Defender: 1213580 he took out most of [VIR] ?-Bustahead-? fleet, dropping Bustahead 5 levels and ending his participation in the war.

Next came Lelouch's attacks on [VIR] (VIR) Brainst0rm, resulting in a ( Attacker: 19500 ; Defender: 310020 )final strike of 1.1 million mobile of Brainst0rm, in Lellouch's favor.

Athomsfere launched a 3- 4 some odd million mobile, of which all but about 500k was smashed immediately by {C}Wietkind(VIR) in a classic offline smash. The rest was later suicided against a small blob of The Brotherhood.

Crabcakes also made a grand appearance, when he smashed Star ma from 59 to level 52.

Rafen made a similar, and larger attack on dtro and dropped him from level 60 to 45.

Final CF agreement as posted on the forum:
[VIR] {C}Wietkind(VIR) Reply - Block Player - Report - Copy Savebox 09-12-2008 16:42:29
Ok, we will accept the treaty you proposed:
  • 3 months nap
  • debris goes to the player that created it
  • All occp release

Also repaying the derbs from the CF.
Signed Emperor Lelou©h

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