Subject: BUILDING GUIDE (Work in Progress)


This guide is currently a work in progress so as you read this, if there are any points that do not work please leave comments, however, it will eventually show the most efficient way to get both outpost ships as well as protect yourself from other players once you have surpassed level 10. It will also complete the 'Tutorial' and gain yourself an extra 100 credits.

Read this guide all the way through before you start clicking buttons.

First Day
Now let's get down to business. Hopefully you have a full day ahead of you! This guide presumes you can be near the computer for several hours, lol.

When you start a new account, it's preferred that you start on a moon/planet with at least 3 solar or gas and more than 4 fertility, you will also need 3 metal minimum.

If you are new to Ae you may have been started on a very unsuitable astro.

So, until you get an astro with those properties you'll need to RESTART again, even if you have reached a high level.  It will be worth it in the long run, honestly. Before you restart you need to tell the guild master or one of the vice guild masters that you are restarting and to look out for you returning soon. You will be logged out as a guild member when you restart, but do not re-apply until you land on your final chosen astro with the recommended levels of energy, fertility and metal resource. Some advise it is better to delete your account as you are allocated a 'better' astro that way. Restarting often offers you only a position 3 or 4 astro.

Never get arid, tundra, gaia, toxic, magma, metallic, or craters planets to start off an account (or ever, some would say).

Also never get anything outside of slot 1/2 - positions from the sun. Your position is indicated by the very last number of your base co-ordinates (B13:22:15:11). The 'tens' digit should be a 1 or 2 - 11, 21, etc. So the BEST target astro to start with is a Rocky Moon, or preferably, a Planet with at least 5 fertility, 4 solar/gas and 3 metal.

When you have your starter base you -

Open the 'Tutorial' by clicking on the [Tutorial Button] - it depends what 'skin' your display has and whether you have a mobile app, tablet or PC exactly where you will find this button.

After you have accepted the first mission 'BASE STRUCTURE' you -

Click on [Bases], then look for where it says [Home Planet] in that same block will be [Structures]
Click on [Structures] then scroll down to [Metal Refineries]
Click [Build Next]

Scroll down, there should be a 'construction queue' drop down with a list of buildings you can queue.

Queue up 1 Research Lab and then queue 4 more 'Metal Refineries'.

Note that you may have to queue a power plant or an 'Urban Structure' in between them.
This is because each building takes up a certain amount of energy and 1 population space (also 1 area place).

(You can see those stats in the top of the page)

Always build the cheapest power plant that gives most energy. Otherwise you're just wasting space. Add these only when you need them.

When your second Metal Refinery is built go to the 'Tutorial' and complete your first mission, then accept your second mission 'Base Energy', you may have completed this if you have already built a power plant, if so you can complete this mission and accept the next mission 'Technologies'.

Always remember to keep your queue list full, especially if you're going somewhere or going to sleep. The queue list will finish by itself unless you run out of credits. When you do run out of credits, the queue list activates as soon as the credits build up to match the cost. The credits grow by a sum equal to your base income every hour.

When that Research Lab is built, go to [Research] and research 'Level 1 Computer'.

Then queue 1 more level of 'Computer' to get 'Level 2 Computer'.

When 'Level One Computer' has finished you can claim the 'Technologies' mission in the 'Tutorial' and your 5 credits reward.

Accept the next mission 'Base Population' you will most probably have finished this as well so claim it and accept the 'Weapons Technology' mission.  You will not complete this mission for some while so do not worry. The 'Tutorial' does not follow the most efficient way to develop your base, its aim is to introduce you to all the different aspects of development.

When there is an opportunity, build or queue a 'Spaceport', then a 'Shipyard'.

When your Level 2 computer research finishes, build a Robotic Factory.

This is the basics of what you should do on all your planets, except for the research labs (which are only needed on one astro until you have at least 3-5 total bases).

After all this, you should have on your base:

1 Research Lab
5 Metal Refineries
1 Robotics Factory
1 Shipyard
1 Spaceport

And then queue in this order (with power plants(Solar/Gas) and Urban Structures added whenever necessary)

Metal Refinery
Robotics Factory
Research Lab

And repeat as each structure finishes building

Build the Power Plant you can and/or Urban Structures only when the planet DOES NOT allow you to continue construction without it.

NEXT Research 'Level 2 Computer' you will need that and to build 5 more Research Labs (RLs).
Don't build them all at once, but slip them into the queue line every once in a while. Try to place them in the queue amongst similar time/cost structures as the RLs.

Aim to have them by the end of the first day.

Now, this is what you should have by the end of day one - if you started early:

5 Research Labs
7 Metal Refineries
4 Robotics
4 Shipyards
4 Spaceports
2 Computer

1 Energy and 5 more Energy in the queue

You do not need to build fleet or turrets yet, that comes on Day Two.

Ready for Day Two? Then move on!

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