Erex Malren

aka Dvr

Bureaucrat Admin
  • I live in Spring
  • My occupation is Student/Wiki Dev/Web Dev
  • I am Male
  • Erex Malren

    Hey guys!

    February 9, 2017 by Erex Malren

    So after a long break from the game. I'm back. I'm sorry.

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  • Erex Malren


    April 30, 2014 by Erex Malren

    Intresting how while at work Xaman says hey you lets make your wiki the link, well not in those exact words. But you get the picture right? So we got work to do and get this wiki in order.

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  • Erex Malren

    Lets get back to work. I know I haven't been online as much but its that game we call SWTOR to blame XD. But here is what we need to do as a list and get in order:

    • We need to get images of every structure.
    • Images of every technology.
    • Images of Ships.
    • Images of Defenses.
    • I'll be working on new templates to make them more streamlined. 
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  • Erex Malren

    So after looking at the news about the Astro Empires update we found that it will be released in October 2013!! Can't wait! So we also learned that they redid the Features page for astroempires here:1.5 update page.

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  • Erex Malren

    Ok so AE 1.5 is gonna be entirely different many of the ways we play will be different. The UI will be different including images(Hopefully renderings) of the buildings, defenses. It looks amazing though and in the next coming months we will get more information.

    But on another issue..... 

    I have been playing a huge amounts of X3 Terran Conflict love the game I wished astro empires made a 3D MMORPG like X3 Terran Conflict/EVE online fully functioning and unilateral universe that I could fly from one side to another that would be my dream as I love playing scifi videogames.

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