VVVS (Veni Vedi Vici Syndicate) is a guild in Alpha Server that ranks 38 in fleet, 37 in level, and 31 in econ.

the people in VVVS are some of the most friendly people you can find and new recruits are always welcome.

VVVS has not participated in any major wars but has fought with a small part of Alpha team and VIR Surprisingly VVVS came out Victorious.

More recently Anarchy declared on VVVS for her high econ rank compared to fleet a week later though Anarchy was surprised to find they were not simmers (Theaterfish and TheRegistater) and were fighting back although maybe not effectively as possible (due to the only one fighting was Theaterfish and TheRegistater). as 3 weeks (VVVS's Guildmaster and VP left to another guild) dragged by Anarchy began to realize that the high econ means more bases which Anarchy was quickly vaporizing on almost decent base defenses. Soon after they offered peace terms and 4 days later were completely Dissolved.

VVVS is playing against high odds but it is okay because they can easily run behind L-Boned or S.E.A ,there strongest Pact and that is only an MDP. The fact that they have progressed from a rank 150 guild at the time of the VIR war to something closer to a top 50-40 guild is amazing when you consider the guild farming that has been known to happen.

they have not had a very pleasant public image for quite some time because they give good profit and nice derbs, but with resent proof they do know what they are doing and increase Alpha-correctness the image of VVVS is drastically improving. Long Live VVVS Let the Debris giving continue!

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