We Own Your Ships
Political information


Military Commander(s)

Vampire, Total Domination



Societal information
Guild language(s)


Historical information
Date of establishment

22nd May 2010


We own Your Ships is a small guild located in I20 who are focusing on becoming a stronghold guild bases in I20. Recruitment is by invitation only and it expects its members to be active and willing to work with others in the guild to achieve its goal.

History Edit

We own your Ships was created on opening of the I20 galaxy, where it continues to stay using I20 as a stronghold galaxy. Whilst holding the most ground in I20 they have come under fierce competition from [U.F.P] and [=PP=]

With regards to politics the GM takes council from all of the officers however decision ultimately relies with the GM.

Conflicts Edit

Being early in the game no wars have yet to take place, however has come against some resistance in locking down I20. Due to its aggressive nature and policy on having strong defense it has come under controversy from U.F.P who have openly objected to We Own Your Ship's policies and actions.

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