We/ll Rock Ur World is a rising guild that has about 20 members at the moment. We are getting higher and higher every day. We do accept members of all lvl.s, we accept players that need help or just can't seem to get into a guild. We except mergers and stuff like that. We except alliances if ur strong..... We like trades, send them to the trade minister. If u want to come to We/ll Rock ur World just message anyone cause we all can recruit(its a given thing to all members) other stuff u have to work to get.

We help all players in WRUW to grow and increase fleet. We help any way we can within the guild.

If we go into a war we wont give up without a fight!!!!! ALSO WE DON'T DIE THAT EASILY!!!!!!!!!!!

Recruitment E60-E80. Join, u can be anywhere, JOIN!!!

Our guild leader is Kid Rock and we are located here

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